29 June 2007

Ground squirrels

Directly north of West Campus there's an open field bordering the local golf course. (Hint: If you click this picture, you'll get to see a larger version of it - then you can try your luck at counting squirrels).
We've discovered that it's teaming with ground squirrels on this field. When looking out over the field you see many of them sitting like shown in these photos. We don't know if they are counting the cars on Storke Rd or if they are just generally curious.
The nearby golf course of course also influences the field, primarily by the number of golf balls that have been more or less integrated into the surroundings - see f.ex. this entrance to a ground squirrel home.

26 June 2007


Allow us to present our neurotic smoke detector. It is so hyper sensitive that we have already on several occasions heard it go off for no other reason than because we turned on the oven.

Fortunately it is located in the little hallway connecting to the adjacent suites, so that now we mainly use it as a remember-

24 June 2007

Dolphin mail

Readers of our Danish blog will know that we have a keen interest in mailboxes, but this is the first post on that subject here.

Rather appropriately this time we're presenting one of the mailboxes that first made us consider starting this theme on the blog. It doesn't have to be a secret that it's located in our old neighbourhood.

It's a special example of how much space a mailbox can actually take up - and of how much time you can put into it.

The first question that comes to mind is: What on earth is the logical connection between dolphins and mail? Then: Is it really necessary to put the street number on such a large sign?

What one cannot see in the picture is that the owners have also coordinated the colours with those of the house.

21 June 2007

An era is over

When Tue bought this (far too) big toy some 4 years ago and paid a small fortune to have it trucked from New York to Goleta he imagined that he would bring it with him to Europe when the day came. But after noticing how it got used less and less often over the past couple of years we opted for putting it on craigslist rather than moving it into our new place - today it got a new owner.

Look who's blogging too

We have been blogging for a couple of months now and after getting increasingly frustrated with the fact that some of our friends don't understand Danish we've finally gotten round to starting this English sister-blog. Welcome!