30 May 2009

Still 3 weeks till midsummer..

As mentioned our new apartment offers lots of morning sun this time of year. After living some years under more southern skies it's quite interesting to experience nights full of light again. These pictures were taken here May 30th at 3:25 in the morning (almost an hour before the sun became visible over the horizon).

24 May 2009


Now that both of us are living here - på riktikt, as it goes around here - it is about time we present the apartment we already mentioned.

This is our house - well, yes, we share it with a lot of other people. In fact we don't even live on this side of the house, but now you know what you are looking for when you come to visit us.

The entrance links all the other rooms of the apartment - and has more closet space than we currently know how to fully utilise (not least because we have been busy minimising our belongings every time we move).

The kitchen has - like the rest of the apartment - windows to the east, so our herbs on the windowsill usually start the day with a proper dose of energy (and are often quite thirsty by the time we eventually drag ourselves into the kitchen for breakfast).

The living room is the largest room of the apartment and in the picture you can see how one can easily sit comfortably in the couch and try to pick up some more Swedish...

From our balcony we have the view of trees, and a little further away one can see the tower at Råsunda stadium.

17 May 2009

Full bloom in Nørrebro

Before Lisbeth moves to Stockholm to start her new job, we had to exploit the fact that we had an apartment at our disposal in Nørrebro. So Tue came to Copenhagen for a weekend to visit Lisbeth. The aforementioned apartment is located very close to the assisting cemetery, so we walked through it a number of times. Apart from these trips amongst trees with an impressive coat of flowers the weekend also had time for a trip to the movies and a little shopping - Tue had promised to bring back some of the Danish red hot dog sausages for his new Polish/Scanian colleague who has been missing these in Stockholm.

03 May 2009

Walpurgis Night in Solna

Already Wednesday before noon when Tue went shopping in Lidl he noticed a sign on the door advertising the opening hours for "Walpurgis and Labour Day" - but didn't really give it any thought. That same afternoon when Tue went to the university for a moment to take care of a few things, the colleagues-to-be were so kind to remind him that he shouldn't forget to go out for Walpurgis. Then he asked what that was all about - and understood that it would involve a bonfire and grilling in order to celebrate the coming of summer. All in all it sounded a lot like the Danish midsummer celebrations, only a litte early, and it turned out that was going to be a bonfire less than 5 minutes by foot from the new residence.

As could be expected the park was full of people and there were stands busy selling coffee, sausages, and large lollipops. The bonfire was lit right around sunset while there was still a little daylight remaining and while the sky darkened and the fire grew there might have been some kind of speech - the Swedish was a little hard to follow but a lot of words were said before the microphone was passed on to a choir and a little band playing horns (not simultaneously, thank goodness). At intervals throughout the rest of the evening the music would be interrupted by the same voice that spoke before, only now to announce missing parents and/or children.

Unlike the Danish midsummer celebrations there was no witch on the bonfire, and quite contrary to our expectations regarding the Swedes' demands for public safety, the embers of the fire were left behind to smoulder unattended (and unlike in the evening before unfenced) for most of Labour Day.