30 July 2008

Ingenious Lazyness

After debating it here at the editorial office we have agreed to put some more American mailboxes on the blog even though we do not live in America any longer. It's not like we are discovering a lot of funny mailboxes here in Geneva anyway.

This time it is going to concern a mailbox which might at first appear quite ordinary. But upon closer inspection, one will notice that this particular mailbox is mounted on a line allowing the owner to empty the mailbox without having to walk the long, tiring trip down the driveway. We find this a particularly interesting attitude for a person who has chosen to live on one of the streets furthest up the side of the mountains inside the city of Santa Barbara.

24 July 2008

Old-school spam/scam

For once this is going to be about the contents of the mailbox rather than the mailbox itself.

Tue wondered what it could be when Lisbeth recently told him that a letter from Spain was waiting for him at home. Wonder gave way to puzzlement when it turned out to be from a Roland Garcia. He had discovered that Tue might be an heir to Dr. Sven A. Tue /who tragically died in the tsunami catastrophe in December 2004). A discovery founded on the identical surnames (!!!).

"Dr.Sven." allegedly had the foresight to place a box containing ten and a half million US dollars with a "security company" in Spain (click on the picture to see larger version) and if no heir is found all that money is going to be confiscated by the bureau of diplomatic security ...

Hmmm... perhaps stamps are a little too cheap in Spain after all?!

16 July 2008

Guess where we went on the weekend

Yep, another trip to IKEA!
This time it was remarkebly shorter than the last though, but as 'tradition' dictates we toured the exhibition as well as ate lunch since this is how Tue thinks shopping in IKEA is done.
As we didn't buy more than we ourselves could carry back on the train this time, we also picked up a few Swedish goodies in the to non-scandinavian IKEAs distinctive phenomenon: the Swedish speciality food department.

06 July 2008

Project Bathroom

Some of what we looked the most forward to when we broke out the tools (the joy of getting the kitchen in order not withstanding) was to have somewhere to hang the shower head and the shower curtain - thereby enabling us to really enjoy standing upright and taking a proper shower. As a bonus we put up a nifty rack for hanging our towels on and a couple of small shelves so all our stuff wouldn't crowd the edge of the sink.

01 July 2008


When you read this Lisbeth should be cand.scient. - Congratulations to her!