26 February 2011

Lunch with a view

We had barely told you of the return of fresh snow and extreme frost to Stockholm before our faithfully returning camp visitor announced his arrival in order to experience some real winter before it was too late.

On a clear, cold winter Sunday we went up the tallest building in Stockholm, the Kaknäs tower, and enjoyed lunch with a view to Djurgården and Östermalm.

On this day it was quite chilly on the outdoors observation deck on the 31st floor - but the view towards Lidingö tempted..

11 February 2011

Winter returns

Here we were, actually thinking that maybe the winter and the snow would soon be over with this time around. But when we got up this morning, we had a blizzard raging outside and it turned out that bus traffic was cancelled for all of Stockholm county. We decided to start the day working from home rather than trying to walk to the nearest metro station - not least because experience have taught us that the other elements of Stockholmian public transportation are not always very reliable during times of heavy snowing.

After lunch time the wind died down, the snow stopped falling and the thermometer plummeted. It was well into the afternoon before the buses started running, so we never made to our respective places of work. We did manage to go for a walk in the last light of the day to enjoy the view of the landscape freshly covered with snow.

03 February 2011

A century of mailboxes

This picture was sent to us from a faithful reader and it shows - in a few selected highlights - the last 100 years of development in mailboxes in Taiwan.