16 July 2008

Guess where we went on the weekend

Yep, another trip to IKEA!
This time it was remarkebly shorter than the last though, but as 'tradition' dictates we toured the exhibition as well as ate lunch since this is how Tue thinks shopping in IKEA is done.
As we didn't buy more than we ourselves could carry back on the train this time, we also picked up a few Swedish goodies in the to non-scandinavian IKEAs distinctive phenomenon: the Swedish speciality food department.


Drew said...

Funny- for most of us, the Scandinavian food section is a highlight of any IKEA expedition!

Virtualsprite said...

I love scandinavian food of any type, but we're sadly lacking an Ikea in our state.

Thank you for the comment and the offer to translate. I will definitely have to take you up on that. A few words have me really stymied.

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