23 September 2008

Cardada & Cimetta

After 5-6 years of American attitude it seemed almost unreal for Tue to be able to have several weeks of vacation in the summer. But on August 1st when we were sitting on the train going to Domodossola in Northern Italy, it started to dawn on him that it was in fact happening. The first day of the vacation offered spectacular valleys - first going through the canton of Valais, later on the panoramic train (a mere 1.50 Euro surcharge) through Centovalli back into Switzerland to the city of Locarno in the canton of Ticino.

The second day of the vacation was spent on going up the Cardada and Cimetta mountaintops in three stages: At first a step railway ('Funicolare' in Italian) from Locarno city centre the first 200 meters up, then an aerial tramway ('Funivia') med cars and both stops designed by Ticinese architect Mario Botta up to Cardada, and at last a ski lift ('Seggiovia') the bit up to Cimetta. After enjoying the view and the lunch we had with us we spent the rest of the day walking all the way down to Locarno.

View of Lago Maggiore from Cimetta

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