28 June 2009

Our new rides

Since we will both have longer commutes for uni/work than we had in Geneva as well as in Santa Barbara we decided to buy new bikes instead of relying on the second hand market. Where Tue found his bike the first day he went shopping for one, it took Lisbeth a little longer - Stockholm's selection of shops and bikes is not impressive for an ex-Copenhagener - but in this past week wonder bike no. 2 was brought home.

And now that we both have bikes, Stockholm is opening up with plenty of new excursion options: last night we had a picnic in Hagaparken and today we'll explore Djurgården.


Cath@VWXYNot? said...


If you're using a bike often enough, buying new makes so much sense. Second hand bikes are more trouble than they're worth!

Lisbeth said...

Thanks Cath - I'm also quite pleased with my final choice :)

I totally agree with the you on the new vs. second hand - however in recent years we've moved around too much to justify the acquisition of brand new ones every time we had to sell/buy our bikes... I guess bikes are no different to other vehicles with regard to the loss of resell value once you've rolled it out of the shop - even if the loss is much less for bikes in absolute terms :)