22 September 2009

Did we move back to a monarchy?

Yes, we sure did. And the proof is that apparently everything can be more successfully marketed by association with the king.

The little guy above is in control of the Swedish pick-and-mix candy and goes by the name of 'Caramel King' (rumour will have that there is also a 'Godis-prins' - a 'candy prince').

The sign below belongs to one of the first falafel places we noticed. Our expectations were obviously quite high and although we don't know how the Swedish king prefers his falafels, we think we've had better ones else where...

Another large chain of shops sells beds (perhaps even in king-size?!) and the name only becomes all the more fitting for this particular branch which is located on King Street (Kungsgatan)!

We wonder if all firms will change their names when Victoria accedes to the throne and becomes Queen?!

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