11 October 2009


Last weekend, Lisbeth's mother came for a visit and beside showing our apartment, Solna and Stockholm, we also went to 'Skansen'. Skansen is an open-air museum with old houses from all over Sweden where costume dressed guides gladly explain about the 'olden days'. It is located on a wind-swept hill top on Djurgården, and since winter has come to Stockholm, it became a rather cold adventure after a few hours - but luckily we could then enjoy 'Bellmans Pyt' (a traditional hodgepodge dish) in one of the inns.

For us the most interesting part of Skansen was however the zoo section - again primarily with Nordic animals.

Relaxing seemed to be the chore of the day:

Eventually this last guy did find enough energy to raise his head so we finally got to see a 'real' moose, i.e. one with antlers!


Cath@VWXYNot? said...

That is a great photo of the... whatsits. Lemurs? The ones with the sripey tails ;)

t said...

they be 'ring-tailed lemurs'