20 June 2010


Our new home on Lidingö ('Liding'-island)

The main reason nothing much has happened on this page for the past month is that we've been busy moving - well, the moving itself took less than 4 hours. But then we also had to clean the old apartment, and everything needed sorting out in the new apartment - add to this a trip to Ikea (complete with the mandatory serving of ridiculously cheap meatballs)... it all takes time.

On top of that we've spent some time getting to know our new area. Lidingö boasts being the 'island of health'. This could in part be due to it being the richest municipality in the Stockholm area, but it is certainly helped along by the large green areas with many an inviting path for walking, running and biking.

Although it thus seems a bit more like the countryside, it is in fact only marginally farther away from central Stockholm than it is from Solna. However, every trip into town must go via the Lidingö bridge.

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