22 May 2011


When Kirsten and Steen came to see us in Stockholm again recently we planned a trip on the water a sunny day in May.

Departure from Strömkajen ('current-quay', central Stockholm)

We set the course for Blidö in order to try out the northern parts of the Stockholmian archipelago.

Colony of cormorants

As it turned out there was a small glitch in our planning. The day before our trip we called Blidö Wärdshus to ask if they would be the day we went to Blidö. We were told they would be - but when we got out there that turned out to be a misunderstanding. So there we were, lunch hungry, no open restaurants and with 3-4 hour till the next boat departing Blidö. Fortunately the weather was excellent, so we tried to relax and make the best of it.

Nice spot for relaxing with a book..

It turned out there was a bus from Blidö to Norrtälje one hour earlier then the next boat departure - our stomachs dictated that we take that bus. It was an interesting little bus ride: In order to reach the main land the bus crossed water no less than twice with the typical small yellow car ferries (from Blidö to Yxlan and onwards from Yxlan to Furusund) and 6 bridges (Furusund-Svartnö-Humlö-Idö/Nässelgrundet-Storö-Solö-main land).

Google maps: Trip from Blidö (lower right corner) to the main land (upper left corner)
Click the map for a larger version

Once in Norrtälje we made haste in getting a meal (late lunch/early dinner) in a pub before taking a much more boring express bus from Norrtälje to Stockholm (Freeway - Yaaaaaaaaaawn).

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