18 September 2007

HS2: The first encounter with Hawaii's fauna

The morning after arriving in darkness we were quite excited about getting out and actually seeing what kind of place we had come to. Therefore, we drove from our pleasant Bed&Breakfast down towards the ocean where we wanted to begin with our first snorkling trip in the calm Kahalu'u bay.

On the way we stopped at a fantastic Scenic Point where one could see out over the slope with banana palms and lava stones and the ocean beyond.

Pretty quickly we spotted two geckos climbing around in a nearby tree and at first we felt rather lucky to have seen them. Taking a closer look we realized that the tree was swarming with these little fellas. Apparently they really like the fruits of this tree: the noni fruits. According to GeckoWeb (!) these are Gold Dust Day Geckos and all them descend from eight geckos released on campus by a student at the University of Hawaii in 1974.

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