22 September 2007

HS5: Thirsty?

At first one can feel as if civilization is far away when standing inside Volcano National Park and looking down into the Kilauea Caldera: A Crater of some 6 square miles, a place that about 100 years ago had a lake of flowing lava. Inside, one can see an inner, even deeper crater, the Halema'uma'u crater, home of the volcano goddess Pele, and creaks everywhere around give off steam, rainwater that has been heated up by the mountain itself. Several places are pungent for the nose - volatile sulfur compounds that does away with any doubts one might have had as to whether the yellow deposits on the side of the crater really are sulfur.

Then it's nice to turn around and see one of the easily recognizable trucks from Coca Cola chugging along on Crater Rim Drive...

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