06 December 2007

Once more about the weather

Do you remember this spell of gray skies when we had the first set of November visitors from Denmark? When Caroline and Martin one weekend drove from San Francisco to Santa Barbara the fog grew denser the closer they got. From here on we don't want any more visitors from Denmark if they can't leave the boring Danish November weather at home!

An other reason not to any more visitors is that now we've thrown out the guest mattress. Apart from the fact that it feels like the living room is a little larger now it also has the nice effect that now we can turn on the heat. Until now the mattress was standing in front of our gas-heater mounted on the wall - burning gas inches away from nylon sounds like a recipe for bad things...

When we're not having guests from Denmark the weather is quite nice in the daytime - still around 20 C (68 F), but at night we can sometimes feel that this is the winter season. The other night when we biked home Lisbeth even wore Tue's mitts.

When we first tried to turn on the heat we had some technical difficulties, but after a visit from a couple of maintenance people, a new thermostat, and a minor gas leak we're now in business.

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