30 November 2007

People are talking about the weather in California

Recently the university paper had a comic strip about the fact that people are talking about the weather here in California these days. Talking about the weather isn't the least bit out of the ordinary for a couple of Danes like us (which is why we're bringing it here) - but there has actually been occasion to talk about the weather. When Heidie and Mads came to visit us recently the weather looked like this (and no, that is not a black-and-white photo!):

Thick, thick fog - we could see neither the ocean nor the mountains from here where we live. Some afternoons the fog cleared up enough for us to see that the sun was somewhere up above.. so there was hope.

The week after that the sun came back. Very much indeed. So much that it was too warm to sit out in the sun and eat lunch. We're doing our best to enjoy this kind of November weather; we saw how the forecast told of snow in Geneva during this same period...

It is a little fall like here though. We found at least one tree on campus that has changed it's color:

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