14 February 2008


On the shopping ‘scene’ we have noticed so many oddities that we are introducing a little new category where the first posting is a presentation of the widespread phenomenon in the discount jungle over here: coupons.

For groceries, the coupons arrive via the regular supermarket brochures from where one cuts out a coupon that entitle a price reduction of 1 dollar or so on a particular item if the coupon is presented at check out.

Furthermore, in the mail we receive leaflets from the fast food outlets and a few other restaurants that are more or less the form of a coupon that either entitle you to save a few dollars on the total bill or to receive e.g. free fries with your burger.

Finally, from time to time we receive an envelope full of coupons (cf. the photo below) that promote discounts for all sorts of things: laser operations, car insurance, airport parking, plumbing assistance, contact lenses etc. These coupons often gives very generous reductions, i.e. 50-100 dollars (entire 250$ on the laser operation!) so if making greater investments it is a good idea to have a close look through the stack of coupons.

That we think it is a completely hopeless task to fiddle with coupons when at the register (and not least to keep track of where-what-when - and also remember to actually bring the coupons) to save a mere 2 bucks or get free fries, well... that's just our wallet's bad!

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