14 February 2008

Shrove tide

Even though the major event two weekends ago was Super Bowl we chose to turn our attention that particular weekend to the Danish tradition of Shrove tide. Originally it was a religious event that marked the beginning of Lent (and before that just a party to celebrate the approaching end of winter) but these days it mainly consists of kids dressing up and going trick-or-treating – not unlike Halloween but without the scary and black/orange elements – and the baking/buying and eating of Shrove tide buns. These come in a broad range of varieties: open or closed buns made from a flaky pastry or a more bread-like dough and with fillings of vanilla cream, jam, chocolate, marzipan, whipped cream, prunes – or any combination, and glazing in a, for Danish bakeries, colourful range: green, yellow, red but of course also the classic white and brown. Tue’s memories regarding Shrove tide buns are 6 years old by now and even though they involve strict specifications as to which kind of buns he prefers (bread-like, open bun with a filling of raspberry jam and white glazing OR vanilla cream and chocolate glazing), he also seemed pleased with the combination vanilla cream and white glazing in a closed bun when Lisbeth made them for him:

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