26 June 2008

Trip to Coppet

Sunday the weather was really nice and we decided to take our bikes and go as far as we felt like along the northern shore of lake Geneva. We ended up in the small medieval village of Coppet which seemingly had not really grown beyond it's old town centre. Like many other towns here by the lake it has of course both a castle, a small marina, and a beach. Despite the 28-30 C (82-86 F) of the air the water was still bone-chillingly cold, but we sat down in front of a nice little beach café and had a much needed - and good - panini. At this same location Tue was able to finally sample the draught beer Calanda, which he has noticed being served other places around here before.

On the way home we stopped in Geneva's botanical garden for enjoying ice lollies and resting in the shade of tall trees while reading a little in our books. At one time we looked up and saw this critter standign about a yard away inspecting us:

Apparently we were neither particularly interesting nor dangerous - it simply trotted along and sat in one of the nearby trees:

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