16 June 2008

Trip to Vitra

While we were in Basel we made a small excursion to Vitra Design Museum which is located some 20 minutes by bus across the German border. We planned for this excursion all along and had brought our passports with us for exactly this reason.

Therefore we were quite puzzled when we suddenly realized that we were standing on a Sunday morning in a grassy field in the countryside in southern Germany - that's were the museum is located - without having brought along a single Euro...!

Especially considering how we have duly been bringing Euro with us every single time we've crossed the border into France, it's astonishing that we hadn't given the currency issue a single thought this time around. Maybe the unity of the US has crept under our skin after all...

The entrance to the museum was easily charged to a credit card, but for the bus ride 'home' we had to pay cash using the Swiss francs we had - at a really disadvantageous exchange rate. But the important thing was that we got back across the border into Switzerland.

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