18 December 2008


We hadn't been in Geneva for long before we actively decided that we definitely weren't going to try eating fondue before it was winter.

While Lisbeth is in Denmark, Tue has attended the End-of-Year event with the research team. This year it was held at Café d'Avusy in the village Avusy. As implied by the board in one of the pictures people in Avusy do not appear to share our opinion of when to enjoy fondue. But now it's the middle of December and even though there isn't much snow here in Geneva, there was a pretty white cover everywhere out in Avusy.

After the party consumed a couple of trays of thinly sliced dried beef the little heaters on the tables were lit. Shortly after the pots with preheated fondue were put on the tables. There wasn't really time for sneaking a peak in the kitchen, but it is said that such a fondue is made from 3 cheeses, white wine (to dilute), and a little starch to prevent the wine and the cheese from separating. Using the small spikes the bread pieces were dipped in the cheese .. and yum. With this drink white wine. And so forth until there is no more fondue or one is completely full - whichever happens first. Although, we did get desserts afterwards...

And what is the verdict then? Tue would do it again - although not too soon!

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