20 December 2008


As previously mentioned, we are by now the two proud owners of Swiss postal accounts. Of course this includes net banking (ehh ... net-post-banking). But before getting started on the latter one has to wait for the post to mail this thingamajig. Which in combination with the smart card is used to generate access codes every time the system entered - this on top of your customer number (in itself a little hard to walk around remembering since it's not used for anything else - and the homepage has been conveniently programmed so as not to allow the browser to remember this field) and personal password.

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The Daily Rant said...

Is this all for the quintessential Swiss Bank Account? :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Yeah, the snow is always beautiful in No-Cal as you probably know. That's one of the reasons I love being up there this time of year.

But don't you um, have a lot of snow in Switzerland??? I mean, helloooooo, the Alps and all!

Hope you're both having a beautiful start to the New Year.