15 January 2009

Tue's birthday

Last Saturday was Tue's birthday - and on the very day he experienced a veritable shower of gifts: the in the household long wanted salad spinner, a new USB stick, promise of 2 new t-shirts (ordered, but not arrived), decorative bottle caps, freeze-dried curry leaves (which apparently are somewhat like bay laurels and have nothing to do with the common yellow spice mix known as curry), dried kaffir lime leaves, new gloves for running (it seems Lisbeth tends to be worried that Tue is freezing his fingers this time of year), a gift card for FNAC and last but not least 5 carrots from his funny colleagues.

As if that wasn't enough, Tue had the good fortune of being able to spend most of the day doing what he likes best - after a bit of shopping for ingredients in the hours before noon, he spent the rest of the day in the kitchen, busily cooking so we had something to served for the invited guests in the evening.

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