04 January 2009


As already mentioned we spent the last half week of 2008 in Amsterdam. The weather was very sunny but cold which is why we didn't manage to go in to see Anne Frank's house because the line to get in appeared to us to involve too much standing and freezing. For the same reason we were grateful for the tickets Diego got us for the van Gogh museum allowing us to skip the line there (we couldn't apply the same trick for the line to the wardrobe, but at least we were indoors by then). Overall, most of our time there was spent getting warm again after strolling around in the cold: cafés with warm snacks, restaurants, and a canal tour (in the afternoon dusk) with mulled wine.

One of our many stops in cosy places was in the company of Ann who we both know from when we were living on Sixth at the Hørhus dormitory - and who we think has been living in Amsterdam for almost 10 years by now. It was also our first time meeting Ann's Mark. Hopefully, it won't be the last...

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