16 February 2009

Kalundborg Radio

Hey, is that an old-fashioned radio (note that it is possible to tune in to Kalundborg Radio!) there in the middle of Plainpalais? Nope, that is just one of the many nicely painted electricity boxes around Geneva.

Since Geneva seems to be short on interesting additions to the mailbox theme, we will instead present a sample of the many painted electricity boxes that we have seen around the city:

Some of them bear a relation to their location; for instance the bumper car box is situate right next to the square where travelling fun fairs are set up, but this is more the exception than the rule. Although the giraffe below seems to be nibbling from one of the surrounding live trees there is no zoo in the area or even in Geneva.

A few has a more direct relation to Geneva, such as Jean Henry Dunant, the founder of Red Cross:

And of course the noble mountain goat that is gracefully reminding us of the Switzerland outside of the asphalt covered urban areas:

Although most of the unpainted boxes are covered in graffiti, rather few of the decorated ones have been 'tag' sprayed, so we wonder if all subcultures appreciate the ornamentation or if Geneva spends a lot of money on cleaning them. They are certainly fun to spot and a lot prettier than the boring grey ones.

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