10 February 2009

Parc aux Animaux

After living here for about half a year we discovered that inside one of the nearby parks there's a small animal park with rabbits, little ponies, chickens, peacocks etc. After a couple of visits we even found the enclosure with mountain goats (one might opine that we are a bit slow on the uptake...) and by now our Sunday strolls sometimes passes by them. Apart from being some pretty remarkable animals in and off themselves, we also want to acknowledge them for being considerably more active than the wild boars we so far have only seen lying still and snoring very snug in their hay.

The mountain goats have a very nice area with lots of boulders, different levels and projections, and some heavily tested trees where they are hopping around. It seems to be an extended family with a couple of males, some females, and a couple of kids. All of them have horns, but they vary quite a bit in shape and size:

And that horns can be very usefl was demonstrated last Sunday by this goat - although we think that exquisite motor control is strictly required:

If the mountain goats weren't particularly delighted by exactly our visit, we felt very welcome when we met another acquiantance there - the apparently resident cat in the park, approached us meowing happily and was pleased to be scratched a little in his furry profusion:

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