27 March 2009

Bear and Bernese Oberland

According to legend Bern is named for the bear that the founding Duke of the city shot on his first hunting expedition in the region. Therefore, there is of course a bear pit in Bern today. Only a single bear was outside when we walked by but we hope that he has some friends, just as we are happy that they are busy building him a new ... ehr.. pit. He did look healthy though, although perhaps slightly annoyed that we didn't throw him some goodies.

As mentioned, the oldest part of Bern is surrounded by the river Aare on three sides and since this area in addition comprises a ridge, it provides excellent views of water several places around the city just as one can see as far as the Bernese Oberland on a clear day. From the top of the cathedral tower we could just make out the Jungfraujoch where plenty of snow is still to be found.
We would recommend enjoying the view above from the micro brewery with the lovely translated name: 'The old tram depot' (http://www.altestramdepot.ch/htm/home.htm) (OK... that sounds a lot funnier in Danish, the English and German versions are quite similar) where they serve pretty good beer and hearty food in a relaxed atmosphere seated by communal long tables. In the summer time their terrace must be the ultimate spot to enjoy a cold lager.

The various levels in the city produce a need to easily reach one level from another so by the cathedral a public elevator is found. This way one can quickly reach the gorgeous little cathedral park from the river level. We had no desire to leave the sunny areas though so for once we just admired the lovely old building instead of trying out the structure.

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