08 March 2009

Snow hike on Salève

Vivienne and Richard spent a few days in Geneva this week and wanted to go up Salève. We haven't been there since the trip with Kirsten and Steen last summer, so we were eager to experience our local mountain at winter time. Luckily we choose to go Saturday when it was sunny in contrast to Friday when Richard and Vivienne had to try to enjoy a rainy Geneva.

The snow on Salève has appeared to be diminishing in the last few weeks so we were VERY surprised to see high piles of snow already where we got of the cable car.

It was a wonderfully clear day so the view over Lake Geneva (see photo above where the dark blue area to the left is the lake) and the alpine back country (last photo) was excellent. It was a strange contrast to be standing in knee-deep snow and looking across the complety barren city area.

We hiked along the usual paths which luckily were quite easy to traverse without snow shoes and we enjoyed the great weather and all the happy dogs that jumped excitedly about in the snow.

Obviously, the trip ended by the snack shed where a crouque monsieur and a cup of hot chocolate completed the experience.

We guess we could also have made a bonfire and roasted sausages without the danger of starting a wild fire at this time of year!

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