27 April 2009

Cats in Vernazza and thereabouts

On our first morning in Vernazza we went down to the harbour and found a black cat lying on the stones enjoying the sunshine. When we returned the next day it was overcast, but we soon discovered why the cat found it a nice place to be - a man was sitting there fishing and when we landed a rather small fish he threw in the direction of the cat.. action came swiftly:

Later, we saw another cat well educated as to where it's interesting to be - the way of slowly approaching the entrance seems to indicate previous experiences of not being quite so welcome here. Perhaps self-service is the name of the game...

On one of our hikes between the villages we came upon a spot where some furniture had been set out along with a sign imploring us to feed the poor, hungry, homeless cats that were to be right around this spot - it's possible that the cat in question were indeed homeless, but they didn't appear scared of humans, poor or even hungry. In fact they appeared to quite well fed and were on the whole much too lazy to be bothered to get up from their spots in the sun to go over and even look at their far from empty bowls of food.

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