19 April 2009

Shopping in Geneve

No, we haven't gone mad and have starting shopping big time while we are trying to sort out which things to keep and which not to keep before moving all of the former to Stockholm. But before it's too late we want to present to you a nice Swiss phenomenon, that is the wheeled shopping bag:

In Denmark it might only be fragile old ladies who drag these bags around, but down here ALL kinds of people have them - men, women, young, elder. Therefore, they are of course available in all sorts of colours and patterns - we have even seen one with pink flowers.

Unfortunately we never got around to buying one (having only some 100 yards to the supermarkets and being a household of only two we never really needed one) but we have observed that the trick is to place it strategically near the cash registers so it's easy to get it when all the goods have been bought. Some people apparently are not so trusting of their fellow shoppers, as we see people pushing around these wheeled bags inside common shopping carts!

The popularity is probably due to the fact that almost all apartment complexes here have elevators, making it nice and easy filling the bag up with a gallon of milk and six large bottles of water at Migros, rolling them home, taking them up the elevator, and loading them straight into the fridge door. In Copenhagen this sort of bag would always be unhandy when having the carry the loot three floors up the stairwell!

We are aware that we owe posts from our trip to Italy, but we have realised that they won't be coming until we are done with the move.

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