31 July 2009

Bezoek in Rotterdam

Despite not having had our summer vacation yet, we've been doing quite a bit of travelling lately. Two weeks ago, after a short stop in Copenhagen to enjoy a wonderful Laurie Anderson / Lou Reed concert in Denmark Radio's new marvellous concert hall, we flew onwards to Holland and started the weekend by exploring Rotterdam.

It was the first time Lisbeth was back since she studied one term there, and the first time Tue was there at all. Disregarding menacing clouds, Lisbeth 'dragged' Tue through her old 'hood':

.. and into the more central parts of town:

Unfortunately it poured down all of Saturday morning so we didn't make out into Rotterdam this day; on the other hand we had plenty of time for savouring the breakfast buffet at our great hotel and taking in the impressive view from the 15th floor. But since also Tue liked all that he saw, we'll probably have to come back some day...

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