26 July 2009

Water in Värmland

A couple of fellow Danes in exile, Mette and Casper in Malmö, invited us to visit them in Värmland in the old manor house they rented for two weeks in July. We originally reserved a small car with Hertz, but they didn't have any small cars left when we came to pick it up, so we ended up with a ride more fitting for the manor style: a Volvo V50.

When we arrived at the Himmelvid manor, Mette, Casper, and the four little ones had already spent a whole week there in near-non-stop rain - and thus were happy the house was big. We went for a walk in the rain, but stayed mostly indoors Saturday. During the Sunday we did manage to get a bit of sunshine before we had to head back towards Stockholm.

It was nice to get out there and see some of the Swedish landscape - forests and lakes (although the view was strongly dominated by the former when driving on major roads). Much to Lisbeth's disappointment we didn't see any elks during this weekend, merely signs warning that elks might be crossing the roads...

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