08 August 2009

Nisse mail

As it turns out, -nisse is a common ending of Dutch town names, such as the village Stavenisse where Leontine's parents have a vacation home. Interestingly, 'nisse' is Danish for a certain kind of gnome (particularly associated with Christmas) and 'stave' is Danish for spelling. When we were out for a walk, Drew noticed this mailbox and was of the opinion that it had to quite the special mailbox - Leontine disagreed. In fact, she thought it a typical mailbox and through-out the rest of our little walk around the village, we noticed several mailboxes identical to this one.


Brian G. said...

Why so many pictures of mail boxes? I am afraid to admit I have never seen any at Walmart, thus not like the US.

t said...

We started posting pictures of mail boxes because there were quite a few interestingly decorated mail boxes where we lived in California (and this is quite different from Denmark where we are from). As we have moved around (and travelled otherwise) we keep an eye open for local trends regarding mail boxes..