10 August 2009

Stockholm by the Sea

Even though we have lived up here for 3 months now, and posted from our local area in Solna, we haven't posted any photos from Stockholm proper. This is a little ironic since Lisbeth actually rides her bike to the heart of the city every day. Her office is located in the old 'School of Naval Warfare' so she has to go all the way onto a little islet in the harbour via this bridge:

And that location obviously also means that she gets a solid dose of the boat and harbour life of Stockholm every day:

The disadvantage is having to ignore all the happy tourists that are queuing up every morning to sail out in 'Skærgården' (the archipelago) and enjoy a relaxing day by/on the water:


Cath@VWXYNot? said...

It looks beautiful!

I used to ride to work by the water too and I know what you mean about it being hard to watch the tourists having so much fun! I miss the sights, sounds, and smells though.

Lisbeth said...

I was walking (that was 'bb' - before bike) smiling to work the first two mornings just from sheer enjoyment of this scenery so I can imagine that I will miss it later on...