07 February 2010

London BABY

Before we can say farewell to the (travel) year 2009 we need one final chapter. We did go to Jutland to celebrate Christmas, and since that meant we were already half-ways towards London what could be more obvious than to go all the way and celebrate New Year with Rune and Nadja there?!

It Tues first time in the city, and even though London true to tradition bid us welcome with lots of rain he might be up for more visits in the future. We went shopping, we ate vegetarian by Radha Krishna, we saw the statue of Lord Nelson and the Tower of London, we rode a double-decker bus, we drank British ales in a pub, we visited Borough Market, we admired the food department in Harrod's, and we generally just enjoyed being in the UK.

On our last day there, we got to see the better side of London weather - the museum of natural history was very picturesque on such a day:

And since it was the New Year we were there to celebrate, Tue had to have his hair done up for the event!

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