14 August 2010


We actually only spent a few hours in Visby before taking a bus to Fårösund where we could take the 8-minute (free) ferry over to Fårö (Får-ö = sheep-island), a small island with only some 500 year-round human inhabitants.

Fårö - like Gotland - consists mainly of limestone and therefore one finds also here stacks (known is Swedish as raukar) along the coasts of the island.

There are also good options for finding various fossils.

On the northern coast of Fårö there remains a small cluster of fishing cabins - this was once the largest fishing town on Fårö and people came from all over the island to this very spot to get their strömming (Baltic herring).

We were quite lucky weather-wise for the days we were there (even if Gotland are Fårö are supposed to have the best summer-weather in all of Sweden) - we spent the time biking around in the landscape, counting sheep, and bathing in the lightly salty waters of the Baltic sea.

As is customary on Fårö we had lamb roast both of the times we went out for dinner. For lunch there was a more varied selection available - her a big plate of smoked prawns with aioli:

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Pia K said...

the trip looks lovely! i remember biking around parts of gotland and visby with a friend before i began high school. it was so much fun! after that i've only popped over to visby a few times, for pleasure and for work. i really should make a proper trip there one of these days again...