08 August 2010


On a real summer day in July we got up early and travelled through the city to Stockholm's old airport Bromma in order to get a short flight to Visby on Gotland. Apart from the fact that Bromma is much more in the city than Arlanda (which makes it easier to get there) it also has the other advantages of being a small airport: check-in, security check and boarding doesn't take all that much time. However, we are so used to flying from larger airports that we showed up way too early (in fact we were there so early that we would have been able to get on the flight to Visby before the one we were flying on).

Access to the old town of Visby is through any one of the gates in the well-preserved medieval city wall. Inside one finds of course everything one could expect from an old town: small houses, cobbled streets, squares, restaurants and souvenir shops. What can surprise though, is the rather large number of church ruins found in the old town - many of the church ruins are open for tourists to explore by themselves.


Cath@VWXYNot? said...

I love the shot of the plane reflected in the engine! I used to try to take photos from planes, but they never really come out.

Lisbeth said...

I've certainly taken my share of crappy plane windows photos and did actually stop doing it. But flying across Greenland last winther I couldn't resist trying again and sometimes they do actually come out rather neat :)