28 August 2007

The Summer Camp Visitor is Guest-blogging

It is a great honour for the summer camp visitor to be allowed to guest-blog on this famous blog! I have been ordered not to blog too positively since Lisbeth and Tue don't want to run the risk of getting more summer camp visitors - so I just want to say that it isn't all that pretty over here, the sun sets early and I even have to wear a shirt at night. The bike is flat, it costs $1.25 just to take the bus to Santa Barbara, they're feeding me too much mexican exotic food (e.g. cactus), I have to maneuver the mattress by myself every morning and every evening, and I'm only allowed to swim in the great waves of the Pacific Ocean together with an adult. So all in all it's actually not much fun being here - good thing I'm going home on Saturday...

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