12 August 2007

The Pink Wonder

Hey, Lisbeth has gotten herself a new bike! In comparison to her previous bike this one has some pretty desirable features:
  • Brakes that work - in general just very cool, right?!
  • It's a man's bike - women's bikes around here are just too short for a semi-tall Danish gal.
  • A (very) recognisable colour - we don't expect to see up to three bikes of the same brand, type, and colour as this one.
  • Beachcruiser handles - so Lisbeth can mix in with the college girls in the area. All she needs now is an Ipod, a mini-skirt and Ugg-boots.... or perhaps not!
  • Front basket - refers also to the comment above plus it allows Lisbeth to bring other types of bags than just backpacks. Furthermore, the basket is very suitable for bringing a whole gallon of orange juice back from the super market.

That this splendid bike has been acquired at this exact time (which is primarily due to the fact that Sarath wanted to sell it this week) has the added advantage that our arriving 'summer camp visitor' has something to ride as well. Thursday this week Troels is coming for a visit as it is - which could mean that we will open for the phenomenon 'guest blogger' in the near future. Stay tuned!


Jeff said...

bikes! bikes are good

t said...

jeff, you're just scheeming to take one our bikes when you get here. we know you.