11 October 2007

Navy seal?

It has occured to us that we've forgotten to tell you about some of the wonderful mail we're getting here: All the letters trying to recruit Tue for a whole range of different military units. Apparently you're allowed to fight side by side with the proud sons of America even if you're a non-resident alien. We didn't look into whether or not signing up results in a green card with any further ado.

In today's letter we find that a number of their reasons for joining up are somewhat off the mark for Tue:

First of all they're drawing attention to all the exciting things you can experience before you turn 30... a little late for Tue.

Secondly there's the financial incentive in the form of 3 years paid education without any obligations - untill you graduate, that is! - also a little late for Tue. That is if he wants to have any economic gain from joining their program.

Finally they're advertising that you can get your 'Wings of Gold' and travel to interesting places around the globe. Something we hope isn't sufficient reason for the young men to risk their lives, and something which certainly doesn't attract a non-nationalistic Danish globetrotter.

The worst part is their hard-pumped slogan "Accelerate your life" (!!) - yes, thank you very much, speeding up the approach of the end of it as well we assume..

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