16 October 2007

West Campus Mailboxes

Now it can't be postponed any longer - it's already been far too much time since we promised you a presentation of the West Campus mailboxes.

The first picture on the right shows our own mailbox - behind the little door with the etched '11' we recieve our mail. As well as a good deal of mail for Han Chen and other previous tenants.

That we're not the only ones here with the problem of recieving mail for previous tenants whose address(es) one doesn't know is shown quite clearly in picture #2 (click on it for larger view) - we sense a desperate cry for help.

Unfortunately we're going to assume that this request from the frustrated mailbox owner is utterly futile since she/he didn't pay sufficiently close attention to the design of the mailbox. The observing reader probably already noticed that the mailboxes don't have any slits in the doors so that nothing can be put into them this way. Unless of course the mailman would unlock them individually and put the mail in. Does that sound plausible? No, we didn't think so.

We would now like you take a look at picture #3 showing the bacside of the mailbox. One suspects that the backside of the mailbox might serve other purposes than to merely be the back wall of the mailbox.

In the last picture we caught an on-duty mailman doing his duty so you can see how it all works.

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