25 October 2007

We're not on the map

As some people have noted the weather has been kind of crazy lately. Well, here in Santa Barbara it has actually been pretty nice these last few days, but strong winds south of here have been a significant factor in recent wildfires. Winds up to 90 mph doesn't make it any easier to contain the fires.

Actually some 900,000 people have been evacuted; far the majority of them in the San Diego area, but Malibu wasn't a great place to hang out either. Several large houses have burned and the Pacific Coast Highway through Malibu to LA is closed.

The fires themselves are horrible, but one of the biggest problems have been that at times there simply weren't anymore firefighters to send to new fires.

But nice and cozy Santa Barbara is apparently leeward and the winds haven't been bad here, and today there hasn't really been any ashes in the air either.

It looks like the winds are changing now - so let's hope for the best.

The map is from CNN and you'll notice that none of the fires marked on it are very near to Santa Barbara.

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