24 October 2008


Although it was nice to be back home, we were on the (rail)road again less than 2 weeks later - this time by train to Zürich for a long weekend. Zürich is similar to Geneva in these ways: It's located at the end of an oblong lake (a little smaller than Lake Geneva), there is a water jet in the lake (much smaller than here in Geneva), and the central part of town is located on a narrow strip of land between two rivers (though Limmat and Sihl instead of Arve and Rhône) which have a confluence in the middle of the city (possibly less spectacularly so than in Geneva). Zürich is different from Geneva primarily by the fact that everything is in (some sort of) German, and that the weather in mid-September was notably colder than in Geneva. Of more positive aspects to Zürich we can mention the train station Stadelhofen, designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava - whom we like very much. Moreover we got the chance to meet up with Diego whom Tue knows from his years in Santa Barbara.

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