21 January 2010

BT1: São Paulo

For the past couple of weeks we have been mainly blogging about Swedish Christmas traditions, snow and ice. But we actually started the holiday season with a serious dose of summer and sunshine. So in order to recap our trip to Brazil we are going to start a little series of blog entries which we have decided to call Brazilian tales.

Our starting point on this trip was São Paulo. Even though we have been to large cities before we must admit that São Paulo's extensive area littered with high-rises surpasses all we have previously seen. Lisbeth flew in over the city in broad daylight and seeing from above just how far the city stretched was incredible. Flying in over Los Angeles one is flying over the city for quite a while as well, but most of it are villas. In Los Angeles there can be no doubt as to the location of the city centre - that feeling of orientation is lost in the concrete jungle of São Paulo.

The vast majority of the buildings are of course concrete monstrosities, but in between those there were a number of older, colonial style houses and mansions. In the central business districts a little more attention had been paid to architecture - both in the form of interesting details and mirror facades:

São Paulo isn't a city with any particular 'must-see' sights; the experience consists largely of simply being there and experiencing such a dense and complex city. They do have a beautiful monument commemorating the 'Bandeirantes' who explored (enslaved and colonised would be another way to describe it...) the inner regions of present-day Brazil in the 16th-18th centuries.
Does it look a bit like something which has been seen in another - and certainly related - place?!

And if anyone should be in doubt as to whether or not we went to the tropics, we submit this evidence:

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