12 January 2010

Gift basket

This past Sunday Tue had his birthday. The gift forecast didn't look fantastically overwhelming as by Friday evening only one letter had arrived for the birthday boy - and we knew that the Swedish postal service doesn't deliver on the weekend.

Which is why Tue was caught by surprise when Lisbeth presented him with a veritable gift basket full of goodies. The basket contained a hat, socks, tea, chocolate, chutney, jam, lemongrass paste and saffron. The magazine in the picture wasn't actually a gift, but it arrived by mail a few days before the big day, so Tue insisted on opening it together with his birthday mail.

Later in the day we enjoyed a piece of freshly baked birthday cake - more specifically a pecan nut cake with a caramel frosting.

To alleviate the worst withdrawal symptoms on the day after, Tue could open the additional greeting cards which arrived by mail Monday.


Leontine said...

Happy belated birthday Tue!

t said...