03 January 2010

Walking on the water

Safely back from our combined Christmas and New Year vacation we noted that the weather in Stockholm hadn't really changed while we were gone. As the sun was out this Sunday we decided to dress warmly and defy the -10 oC our thermometer told us it was outside. Our purpose with the trip was see Haga park in pretty snow. We expected this to be particularly lovely next to waters of Brunnsviken.

But as it turned out, Brunnsviken was iced over..

..and the ice was sufficiently thick to support us.

In fact there was a throng of people - on foot, on ski, on skates - when we got out onto the open part of the ice.

Interestingly, Tue would be able to reduce his commute to and from work by some 25-30% if he were to go in a straight east-west fashion rather than having to go around the southern tip of Brunnsviken. And yet, he hesitates to bike on the ice..

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