01 July 2007

Netfreaks - Netfilms - Netflix

In our new apartment we don't have a tv and since we don't plan on getting one either, we have joined the great invention of Netflix.

It can be compared to our childhoods' bubblegum chain letters, however with a few modifications: 1) the actual reception of the promised items (here: dvd's), 2) you get to decide on flavour (read: titles) yourself, and 3) you receive emails telling you when you can expect to find something in the mail box. Of course we also have to pay 14 dollars for the favour then, but we love the concept!

In more practical terms the procedure is that when we have seen a movie, we return it in the enclosed prepaid envelope, and two days later we receive the next movie from our internet-list that we can keep updated and change the order of ourselves. The result is: no rented out movies, no pick-up or delievery, and thus also no fines. In addition to the mailed movies we can also watch 14 hours of online movies - although from a more limited selection - so you have no risk of being without entertainment if you haven't managed your two dvd's in order to always have an unseen movie at home. We haven't tried out this part of the agreement yet, though.

Snazzy! - and besides movies you can also get whole seasons of tv-series. Lisbeth is for instance looking forward to watch a more coherent course of 'Six Feet Under', since this wonderful serie was only shown very late at night on Danish TV.

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