27 July 2007

Cookies, Cold-Bowl and Caring

Now that Santa Barbara has finally entered summer in that realiable fashion - i.e. with the sun shining both morning and evening so that one can count on biking both to and from uni in short sleaves (and only bring a shirt to wear it in doors (!)) - we felt like "Cold-bowl".

This might be the easy dessert solution in Denmark, but here the project involved purchase of a baking sheet, baking of the appropriate cookies and not least whipping the actual Cold-Bowl. Even though salmonella doesn't appear to be a problem - we don't really notice any significant warnings about it, anyway - we decided to go for the safer option of choosing a recipe not including eggs. It turned out pretty good - despite the fact that we'd forgotten to buy a lemon and had to use grape juice in stead.

The baking of the specific cookies (Kammerjunkere) needed turned out be a somewhat more involved project; as already mentioned we had to start by going out and purchasing a baking sheet - something that doesn't come with ovens as standard equipment over here. Moreover the entire project was made a bit more troublesome by the fact that the recipe we had[1] didn't specify a baking temperature. On the other hand that actually suits our oven quite well (see illustration on the right) so apart from slight charring on one side the cookie proejct turned out well enough for us to condider repeating it.

Monday we had Malati and her husband Rajesh over for dinner and since we subjected them to the Cold-Bowl (they liked it) any further Cold-Bowl happenings are challenged by the fact that we're now all out of vanilla sugar. Oh well, no one promised us it would be easy...

[1] famous Danish cook book series Karoline's Kitchen.


Jeff said...

tue owns approximately 5 t-shirts.

he is the king of cool

t said...

For the record I would like to state that I have at least 6 t-shirts.