13 July 2007

House update

As we write this post we're waiting for Malati to bring over a rug. But apart from that we're pretty much settled into our apartment now that Lisbeth has decided to accept the couch we brought in when some neighbours moving out left it right outside our door.

A very simple and also very non-expensive solution to the couch problem!

Tue's project with the dining table came to a happy ending when he gave up on getting spare parts from www.ikeafans.com (yes, they exist - check it out for yourself!) and instead came up with an alternative solution using STANDARD screws - resulting in the table now standing nicely and non-wobbly in our living room.

Finally we have - obviously on Lisbeth's initiative - bought a map of the US to decorate the wall. This means that we should eventually be able to nail the exact locations of all 50 states and to name all their capitols! Tue has grown to be at least as fond of the purchase as Lisbeth - but as Troels says: there's probably a bit of geography in chemistry as well...

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