15 July 2007

The Sturdy Mailbox

Here's a mailbox design with a reason - sturdy!

Perhaps a tad stodgy. It might require more than one of your avarage firecracker to destroy this mailbox. But one of course can't know for sure what kind of ominous al-qaeda types are lurking about behind the palm trees waiting for the right moment to terrorize a mailbox.

Notice also that it's the street number you can read on the curb below. Mulholland Drive is a very long street... but for our non-American readers we must point out that the numbering system doesn't reflect the actual number of houses on the street. Rather, it's an ingenious system that tells you how far you are from the city centre. This, suppossedly, facilitates orientation, but for Danes used to the street numbering system at home it's often more confusing than actually useful.

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