27 January 2008

Into the WILD!

As mentioned we watched ‘Into the Wild’ Wednesday night. Apparently we hadn’t done our home work for just while we were watching the introductory actor presentations, the names of two Danish actors (‘Thure Lindhardt’ and ‘Signe Egholm Olsen’) appeared! None of us had heard anything about Danish participation so we were quite surprised.

Surprised is also the right word when the scene with Thure and Signe appeared for besides being a rupture with the atmosphere of the movie, all stereotypes regarding Danish people were put on the table: silly, frivolous types that danced, jumped around, and spoke Danish and silly-English while topless (Signe) and with long blond hair (Thure). Well, apparently that was ‘Mads and Sonja from Copenhagen’ (on IMDB they are actually listed as 'Thomas' and 'Thomas’ girlfriend', but we are some out here that understood what was said)!
Weeeelllll… … great! We’re not sure that the college girls in the seats behind us, who thought the scene was incredibly funny, would believe that Thure is one of Denmark’s more serious actors.

Now – and because our curiosity was raised by other things in the movie that surprised positively in other ways – we have to consult the book because John couldn’t remember any passages with Danish people and we certainly don’t hope that Sean Penn have added that scene without it being part of the original novel.

Well, go see the movie for yourself if you haven’t done so yet and let us know how this scene strikes you if you like.

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